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Photo from Wikipedia of (then) Free French Generals Henri Giraud and Charles de Gaulle with American President FDR and England's Winston Churchill. Casablanca Conference, Jan 14, 1943. The history of France includes battles with terror organizations;

photo of KKK rally in 1923. The American terror organization was targeting not only African-Americans, but women, teachers, Catholics and Jews. The KKK feared societal change and modernity, much like today's terror groups in the Mideast.

Lurene's email in 2014:

APRIL 1990

From: “Right-Wing Terrorism” – Terrorism 71-77

Johann Most

• Born Germany, 1846
• Arrested as radical agitator in Austria
• Later, leading figure of German Social Democrats
• An energetic organizer, good speaker, writer
• Fled Germany, though a member of the Reichstag. Left because of anti-socialist laws.
• 1879, still a Marxist, founded and edited Freiheit in London. A social-democratic weekly.
• Always more radical than the party leadership.
• Had some Russian influences – against Barbarians.
• Later, picked up on Anarchism
• Published Bakunin’s Revolutionary Catechism for German Revolutionaries
• “Long Live Hate! Long Live Vengence! – for all those who bear responsibility for the Servitude, exploitation and Misery of the People
• After hailing the assassination of Alexander II, Most sent to prison by a London Court. Expelled from German Social Democrats.
• Freiheit transferred to the U.S., now the world’s prominent Anarchist mouthpiece to U.S.
• Most did not advocate waiting for the unenlightened masses to revolutionize
• Social Darwinist. Liked Ragnar Redbeard.
• Most took a job in an explosives factory in Jersey City Heights. Invented letter-bomb.
• Believed in writing, propaganda, too.

Marxist Approach
Pg 63-69

Ghandi denounced terrorism in India (Russian inspired). Philosophy of the bomb.

The philosophies of the bomb argued in 1915 that revolution was not complete without terrorism: “…it shatters the spell of the subject race in the eyes of the world…proof of a nation’s hunger for freedom”

Ghandi’s gospel of love would not sway the British Viceroys and Generals. Righteous revenge on the Tyrant.

European/American Terrorism, end of 1800’s
Pg 54-62

• Narodnaya Volya still influenced revolutionaries.

Social Revolutionaries in Russia

Regarded Terrorism as one weapon among several – strengthened other forms of the struggle.

• Also Balkan terrorism – nationalists.
• Armenian Revolutionaries 1880s, 1890s facing hostile Turkish govt and hostile population. Led to Armenian Massacre after terrorist acts by Armenians#

Terrorism of the People’s Will
Pg 30-42


APRIL 26, 1990

The aggrieved right – suffered from leftist aggression

Algerian Secret Army Organization – OAS. Established by French settlers in 1961. → 1954-1962, Algerian Liberation War.

F.L.N. – Algerian National Liberation Front.

Muslims against French (130 year occupation).

OAS – reaction to French grant of independence and Algerian resistance.

OAS not highly ideological. Losers! About to lose Algeria. Some French Generals joined, for French Prestige. Some fascist elements, as France has a long fascist history. 1950’s – over a million settlers, rather aristocratic. “Algeria as French as Paris.”

FLN – Wanted to create support in France. Lost badly, but inflicted great injury on local population, French settlers. Wanted to Assassinate De Gaulle – hero of WWII – ex-General who couldn’t live with politicians. For 12 years, he stepped down in protest of politics, until 1958.

→ 1958, “legal coup de etat”. Nat. Assembly voted on his return. Victory for the right.

→ Settlers thought their future secure, but De Gualle wanted to dump expensive Algeria. Army pissed off. 31 attempts on his life, out of pure vengeance.

Massive terror against France in Algeria, Europe. OAS obliterated after Algerian independence.


Ku Klux Klan – founded June, 1866 in Tennessee. Not originally violent or terroristic. Reaction to Civil War. “Preserve the old values of the South.” Social gathering more than anything else, originally. “Magic” Symbols.

→ Imperial Wizard the head, supposed to be patriotic, protect the constitution → in favor of white dominance, however →

But reconstruction legislation transformed KKK into violent defence organization. July 1866 reconstruction laws?

→ Carpetbaggers, black vote influenced KKK → 1868, KKK turned to violence → Spread over deep south, general south → scare blacks from participation, and white sympathizers → 1,000 people killed in 1868 elections → special hostility toward women, teachers →

12 masked Klansmen would go for raid → Many thousands blacks and whites beaten, raped, forced out of homes, killed →

→ Very successful terror campaign → by 1870s they started disbanding because they reached goals → For 100 years, blacks did not register to vote

→ 1915, Second Klan created by Simmons, his father a Klansman in Alabama → First a fraternity, attracting middle-class, racist, believed in superiority of whites, “100% Americanism” → 1917 WWI began, nationalist, chauvinist element, identified with anti-immigration, anti-women, etc.

→ Simons recruited Journalist Clark, and Bessie Tyler → made Klan the Civil guard of South, Spoke about prohibition, morality → membership: 100,000 in Summer of 1921.

→ 1921, NEW YORK WORLD published series of articles, press campaign started → 1923, 2-3 million members → poor, underclassed Joined →

After War, economic crisis, Black unrest → classical situation for fascism →

→ KKK relied on local office holders → many democrats → Klan decentralized, lost touch with democracy. → so many Terrorist acts. Brutal. Another decline in 1925 → Fortunately, before crash of 1929, 1930s → all that remained was local, ineffective chapters

Again revived after WWII → In late 50s, early 60s → during Civil rights movement →

→ Today, Klan does not control radical right → many KKK-like organizations now → has spread East → (the burning cross, protestant, was symbol of true principal of religion) →

No KKK literature, but leaflets → “Klan Craft” – booklet, protestant oriented, against Catholics and catholic immigrants → Pope seen as wanting to take over U.S. →

→ KKK has fear of modernity→ immoral women, etc. → urban life→ Anti-Semitic as well →

KKK not a classical terror organization → Not an underground→ many useless ceremonies →

Terrorism of the right → poor people, part-time (unlike leftist Zealots) → Underground movements can not last so long as part-time movements →

Kahane rightist terrorism → Arayan Nation biggest in U.S. now, extreme right → have a sophisticated computer network to keep track of enemies – Jews, leftists, etc. → Survivalists, etc Viet War Vets → Animosity toward legal system →

The Order in Idaho → wiped out Jewish disc-Jockey →

ZOG – Zionist Occupied Govt. → concept of rightists/radicalists →

No international threat from right, like left → no state support →

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